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We are more than just a typical agency because we think of ourselves as Marketing Partners who work together to reach your goals and grow your social media presence in an ever-changing market place.

Which is why you’ll find that we always put forth 100% effort when it comes down to campaign planning, creative development and media buying/placement strategies across all channels. You can expect honest feedback about what’s working well vs where things could be improved upon, so not only will success come quickly but also repeat business!

Brand Experience​

We create brand identities. We are specialists in designing memorable brands that reside within the hearts and minds of your customers.

User Experience​

 It’s all about making sure that your site works well for users, so you can rank higher on Google searches and attract more visitors overall – which will translate into increased sales!

Service Experience

It’s rewarding when you find a business with good customer care, but it often feels like an exception rather than the norm in our world today- especially given how many people are so quick on their feet and ready for anything at all times!

Customer Engagement

It is important to be engaged with your customers on social media. Maintaining a strong level of interaction will allow for open and honest conversations which can lead into more sales down the line!

Our services

Content Creation

Content Creation Creation

Contribute to the strong growth momentum via curating engaging marketing narratives, building promotional campaigns in the digital economy, and businesses with branded content experts at the heart of creativity and culture, based on your industry, budget, and campaign goals. Contact Us
Brand Identity

Brand Identity Identity

We have a long track record of success in helping businesses achieve their branding goals. From the start, we work with you to understand your business and its needs before developing an effective strategy that will help it stand out from competitors while also attracting new customers through awareness building initiatives on social media platforms. No matter what size company is looking for professional support managing digital assets across multiple.
Web Design

Web Design Design

The website is the most important marketing tool in today’s digital world. It's critical to have an organized, SEO friendly and mobile-friendly site that tells your brand story while providing visitors with all they need for booking decisions. We help companies transform the way they engage with their customers by turning complex concepts into engaging experiences. As well as contributing to all areas of user experience, from planning and designing.
Paid & PPC Advertising

Paid & PPC Advertising Advertising

The process of PPC advertising can be technical and difficult. The settings change frequently, with new features being added on a monthly basis to both Google Ads as well as Facebook advertisements. That would mean that any mistakes made could end up costing more than just doing your research upfront--and this doesn’t include things such-as wrongful clicks or unnecessarily high spend because those issues may come back later down the.
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Media

We are your Social Media solution. Targeted, Organic Followers that grow with ease! No more wasting time on Instagram or TikTok managing accounts; BMG has got you covered so all it takes is running business as usual while we take care of marketing for you. With our original content social media strategy, we'll ensure that you're always posting quality updates. This will reflect your brand and heritage as well speak.

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+ $3m in Ad Sales




+ $4m in Ad Sales



125K Youtube Subscribers

+ $2m In Virtual Event Ticket Sales




+ $1.4m in Ad Sales



2.3 Million Followers

+ $3m in Ad Sales




Latest Clients Reviews & Results

Aaron Jenkins

“ Very helpful, clutch insights and a very positive experience overall! Highly recommend! ”

Alberto Bryant

“ Glad they are taking care of everything. After our first call I knew I would be spent if I had to handle everything they are doing for us. They have a very patience crew! ”

Rita Chen

“ Amazing marketing team that consistently delivers on all of their marketing objectives while maintaining a high-level of transparency on their work. Definitely come recommended. – ! Thanks again ”

David Jim

“ Bloom Media handles the online marketing of my small business. They have very great strategies and they’re a pleasure to work with. They have done great work in helping me for my business to grow during this difficult time so far so good. ”

Carios Pattersons

“ The team at Bloom Media are digital marketing pros! ”


“ After working with different design studios in LA, I had a project with Bloom Media – Great quality, I got very clean easy to use modern design. I’m definitely looking forward to working with them again. ”

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